Tuesday, 10 November 2009


My mother calls to hear my daily report, the more I complain; the more she consoles me with her prayers

My cousin calls to tell me that she's found the perfect store that sells dresses exact replicas of Fendi and Versace, and honestly who can tell the difference?

My little sister calls announcing that she got 10/10 mark in spelling and resolved to become a "tooth doctor" like me

My brother calls bubbling with excitement as he describes his newest pranks at school, with both teacher and taught

My best friend calls with the latest gossip and scandals of far-fetched friends and foes

My sister calls whining about her stupidity that made her enroll in medical college and who cared if a nephron was the functional unit of the kidney and why is "rhino-" a prefix of "nose"?

My grandma knocks on the door of my room with a tray of kit-kat bars and Arabic coffee just as I turn off my cell-phone
She exclaims that I kill myself studying and why not close that huge textbook and have a cup of coffee as we chat together

If she only knew

Friday, 6 November 2009


Why do we always favor childhood friends over new?
Is it because they remind us of our "old selves"?
When we were true in our actions and speeches..
When we joked without fearing our jokes would be misunderstood..
When we fought at lunch and made up later in the playground…
When we shared lollipops, idols and moods…
But nowadays we meet our so called friends after we've been painted with a layer of fakeness…
After we learned the art of saying something while meaning something entirely different…
After we became hygiene freaks carrying hand sanitizers in our handbags…
After we turned into picky self-centered snobs…
Give me an old friend anytime and I'll give you all these robots in return!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Thanks to all patients at KAU hospital

Patients under the hands of dental students are martyrs. None further said.