Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dreary. Navy blue tonight.

Senior year has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride.
The ups and downs leave me lightheaded with psychological vertigo and occasionally in a heavy case of pessimistic fits.

Trying to swerve puddles of discouragement that keep appearing along my sidewalks is more difficult than I presumed.

Maintaining integrity gets harder day by day when you're under un-imaginable loads of pressure.

The maze gets more intricate as I struggle to find my way out, at times I do believe I am wandering aimlessly in circles, searching for a sign.

Sometimes "hope" seems ridiculously juvenile and all my efforts dissolve into a haze of irrelevance.

In a moment of connecting with the rest of planet earth the trivial dilemmas that consume my time and mental space seem shameful. Pathetic.

Syrian children are being stripped off any prospects of a bright future, are ripped from their parents' arms and killed a painful gruesome death.

Innocent angelic souls vanished, by the dozen, day by day.

It's exceedingly difficult for me to fathom this unjustified and undeserved destiny.

The weight of their tears has drowned my faith in humanity down the drain.

The seriousness and gravity of their unwarranted fate has had an immense impact on my outlook on life.

And yet I still growl at the grains of salt in my cup of life, I still growl.

Why do I still growl?


God.. I am sending silent prayers with every breath I take..
God save Syria.
God save the children.

I am lost. I am vain. I will never be the same.
~David Guetta

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Step up. Act.

Sometimes I wonder..

Is it because we have gotten so used to dreaming.. 
So accustomed to letting our imagination run wild.. 
We relish in amusement -once in a blue moon- by unleashing the lasso wrapped around endless unlikely possibilities..

That when the time comes to fulfill our long sought-for dreams...
We flee?!

Instead of sipping from the cup that's lifted up to our lips... 
We drop the glass and spiral down an emotional stairwell as it shatters.

Dear fickle dreams.. Stay strong. Speak up.