Sunday, 27 September 2009

Just Another Day

The leaves of an autumn afternoon danced in the wind playfully nudging my plaid scarf as I hurried to get to my prosthodontics lecture before the professor...

The waves of the Red Sea crawled mischievously tickling my toes as I gazed at the horizon while maghrab prayer rung in the air...

The "snap" I loved to hear as I remove my gloves after finishing a successful filling in a tooth of a slightly numb patient...

The dull humming of the fan in my room as I study for finals in the sweltering heat of Jeddah with a cup of iced tea as my only solace...

The many colors on the canvas I loved to mix while painting at midnight in the balcony...

The excitement and adrenaline rush in my blood as I flipped through the pages of my latest Jodi Picoult novel snug in my sofa at 3:00 AM ...

Ironically I remember a song of Sarah McLachlan: It's not that unusual when everything is beautiful....It's just another ordinary miracle today

Thursday, 17 September 2009

A sight to behold

Praying at the Holy Mosque in Madinah

The multicultural people.. the colorful scarves.. the unity of the Muslims was breathtaking..

As I was praying..
A Syrian mother on my left with her two year old boy hugging her legs.. I marveled at her patience..
A Somali grandmother on my right praying with such dedication in her wheelchair.. her devotion brought tears to my eyes..

When I rose from prostration the harmony of my Muslim sisters was the most beautiful sight I had ever witnessed..
It's so amazing that Islam can bring all these people from their countries during this blessed month to pray in the Haram ..
Who knows what they had to sacrifice to make their journey possible..
I pray that they all fulfilled what they were coming for and that they all obtained their heart's desires

Thursday, 10 September 2009

My Path of Tears

It amuses me how when mother nature cries her tears leave a path of flowers behind them..
yet my tears leave nothing but parched, scorched, dried up valleys!