Thursday, 7 January 2010

Red means stop, take a minute and imagine

The cranky red light shined with anger.. it was too early to enjoy life...
Especially with 5o cars honking at you per hour.. including our minivan..
I took a sip of my latte and observed the surroundings while Taylor Swift sang "Love Story" through my headphones..
"You were Romeo you were throwing pebbles.. and my daddy said stay away from Juliet "
A Palestinian mother stood with her young daughter waiting for the school bus..
Her red blood- shot eyes indicated a serious case of insomnia...
How could she possibly have a good night's sleep without thinking of her husband lost somewhere at the borders of Palestine in unknown condition..
If it wasn't for her routine cup of turkish coffee.. her sanity would've died long ago...
Across the street a Pakistani driver washes his owner's red car...
Stealing time in between wipes to gaze at the bus stop...
The little girl was a picture of innocence with her bouncy ponytail and Hello Kitty lunchbox..
He remembers his own imaginary family in his mind...
Next to me my cousin lays her head on the window dozing off to sleep...
The driver taps his fingers on the wheel in annoyance...


Wejdan Asiri said...

رغم إني عمممري ما قريت شي فوق ال 3 سطور

بس قريتو كلو مرتين..
انتي مرررره بتفكري زيي
أجلس وأطل في الناس وأفكر كيفهم

مره عجبتني :)

Hanan said...

welcome dear..
people never fail to amaze me with their life stories..
whatever the story may be..

Dr.Violet said...

It has along time, ha?
Wow , very intersting post !

you may come to Iraq and see billion of such stories and more :)

Best wishes dear!:X

Hanan said...

It's been so long.. i hope you're doing well in medicine.. for me this year has been a bumpy ride so far =P

~Take Care
~Best of wishes to all people in Iraq