Friday, 24 September 2010

Humanity? What's that?

I hate when tradition conflicts with common sense and religion.
When we have to live our lives according to standards set by ancestors who breathed air unpolluted by automobiles, who survived without the kinship of television or the internet

I hate when the thin line separating truth from fraud becomes blurry, so that even with my prescription glasses it's hard to tell which is which

I hate that by growing up it gets easier to discover the gruesome faces behind the gorgeous masks

I hate that when someone smiles at you, you immediately think: "Oh great, I wonder what she wants from me this time", instead of the smile being a mere symbol of kindness

I miss sincerity.
I miss kindred souls.


Houda said...

This post says much about my feelings lately. It was much nicer living my life in the bubble that was my early 20's.

Hanan said...

Welcome to my blog,
Maybe you could lend me your bubble for a few years?