Friday, 6 May 2011

No more network at this end of the line

Just when I'm determined to start over..
When I persuade myself "this one is going to be worth the trouble, worth my time, worth my feelings"

Just when I finally decide that isolation isn't going to fix anything.. sooner or later I've got to let people in..

Just when I've -at long last- convinced my stubborn mind that humanity still throbs in many human hearts..

And I let my guard down..
Share my history..
Share my life..

I'm vulnerable once more to getting hurt by all those vicious antigens; hypocrites, frauds, two-faced back stabbing liars..

And boy did those antigens attack my immunity as hard as hell!
My host defense mechanism has aged far beyond my 22 years,, it fights a lost battle and can only hold its strength for so long..

But not this time..
Not me..

This time.. I've loaded up on my vaccinations..
This time.. my antibody titre is sky-rocket high..

No more will I fall for your sly tricks.
No more will your pranks deceive me.

Even if it means I'll be destined to loneliness.. I WILL NOT be stung twice.


Violet's Pure Heart said...

Deciding to shut the doors up and close the windows , it's not the magic solution believe me , taking vaccination ... increases your immunity yeah ! , but doesn't stop normal flora to colonize in your blog ... to attache on your skin
Every time we say .. this time I'll be clever ! nothing is going to tempt my feeling , no one will inveigle my heart ... and we make a different mistake every single time ! ! it's always starting over with some-heart worthy !