Saturday, 2 July 2011

If I wish really.. really hard.. Will it come true?

You make it look so easy...
So natural..

But it's not... 
I've tried over and over..failing miserably every time.

I've been told "Practice makes perfect" and found that it's not always applicable. Nope.. Not always.

Like how French braiding seems effortless yet leaves me in a tassel of hair knots.
Or how playing the piano is merely a flow of fingers across the keys... Yet I can barely pull off a tune.
How simple it is to balance yourself on a skateboard..
Fix a computer glitch.. Heal a broken heart..
How everyone laughs at your punch line.. Is in awe of your impeccable taste.. Your undying devotion to life.

It's not easy what you do..
Though it may seem a second nature to you... You should know that you are special.. So very very special.

I wonder...
if I close my eyes and wish really really hard.. 
Could I do it too?


Dentographer said...

Beautiful!!! Been a while for ur concise and eloquent posts!

Hanan said...

Why thank you!
I'm glad you enjoyed this post at least =)

Hope said...

lovely words
very lovely
some times all we can do is wish for things to happen =]
so keep on wishing, your wish may come true one day

Hanan said...

Thank you for your sweet comment..

wishing is a comfort indeed.