Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Read. Everyone.

Every person has a story to be told.

If you lend an ear you'd be surprised at the tales you unravel.
You'd be at peace with unruley behaviorism once you unleash the biography behind the motives.

The unspoken pain, will leave you speechless. How do they ache in silence valiantly so?

The sincere acts of kindness will melt your heart with warmth, as they pass unnoticed, uncredited.

You'll find that the pattern of human emotions has surprisingly stayed the same regardless the never-ending evolution in human-kind.

Whether green with envy or blue with despair.. who's to say we're not the same after all?

Jealousy. Love. Deceit. Indifference. Sacrifice. Hatred.

Though we may have civilized minds, our hearts will ever remain primitively barbarian.

"I am a prisoner of my own biography: I can't help but view the American experience through the lens of a black man of mixed heritage, forever mindful of how generations of people who looked like me were subjugated and stigmatized, and the subtle and not so subtle ways that race and class continue to shape our lives.
But that is not all that I am."
~Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope