Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 1; Hello Dr, I'm the new intern for this month.

Being an intern.. is.. well.. quite amazing.

To observe impeccable clinical performance of your fellow professors..
To be able to work on patients without the cloud of "mark deduction" hovering over your shoulder constantly..
I can't imagine a smoother way to live a profession.
Confident. Satisfied. Elite.

Yet there is an aspect of internship I didn't foresee in my future;
That during your periodic rotations and while meeting and conversing with so many talented dentists in various fields;
Be prepared to unravel their endless stories;
Stories of success.
Stories of hope.
Stories of sacrifice.

I've discovered, -sitting shotgun along the ride- that planning out a future isn't that simple.
I've found that to draw a blue-print for your life - as I listen to their stories wide-eyed- isn't that straight-forward.. as I presumed.

To choose what you want to do.. from 8-4.. everyday.. for the rest of your quite a heavy load to carry.
To be so dedicated to one facet in life.. astounds me.
Yet to be torn between so many tempting desserts and finally choose only one chocolate pastry... astounds me even more.

And taking a step back.. when you're from the outside looking in; the tremendous multi-factorial process of "Career Choosing"..
is as intimidating as holding bait to a lion.
as frightening as negotiating with your grandfather over century old traditions.
as absurd as talking sense to a toddler not to draw on the carpet.

Knowing you alone are your hardest critic.. that sooner or later you'll to have to face your questionable priority list, irrational fears and mute desires.

Oh dear.
Oh me. Oh my.

Granted.. What do I know?
I'm nothing but an intern.