Monday, 18 May 2009

I love you Allah- A7ubak ya Allah

Whenever life closes all its doors in your face and leaves you in an empty room lined by mirrors you start reflecting your life..
your past.. present and future

The room is empty.. not a soul in it but yours..
you can say anything.. do anything.. think anything..

but you don't..
you hold your tongue.. watch your actions.. and cleanse your thoughts..
For Allah is The All Knowing
Allah is The All Hearing
Allah is The All Seeing
He knows what you did.. are doing and intend to do..
He knows if your heart is filled with love for Him or if you're merely going with flow; praying- because everyone else does, fasting- because in Ramadan that's what poeple around you do..
He knows when you're truely being sincere and when you use truth as a ticket to save you from missing the trains of life as they pass by..
So when I'm in a closed room with nothing but my reflection staring back at me where ever I lay my eyes.. I lift my head up and smile..
I'm not alone.. and I NEVER will be


Anonymous said...

Mashallah! very nice entry.
May Allah protect us all from the evils.

Hanan said...

anonymous person.. thank you..