Saturday, 9 May 2009

Why do you do what you do??

Who are you trying to prove yourself to?

What makes you keep pushing the waves and climbing the stairs till you can barely catch your breath?

When I study .. the same question keeps popping in my mind..
"Why am I doing this?!?"
"Who am I trying to satisfy?!?"
Motives can be really tricky.. sometimes I'm convinced I want to be successful to prove to myself that "I CAN" yet I also want to prove to the ones that always claim "I CAN'T" how good I really am..
Other times I'm afraid of failure lest my loved ones will lose faith in me..
My ego rises and falls like the stock market..
Half a second can bring me from the peak of happiness to the valleys of despair..


Khalid from said...

Hi Monalisa,

I wish you all the success in your study and also I look forward to read your intersting entries in the near future.

It's clever from you that you did n't put a teeth x-ray but a chest one because I think you want to speak your heart out.

Take care,

Alia Makki said...

If you're not doing it for yourself, would you do it for someone else? What if that someone is never satisfied with whatever that you do?

It's a tricky question, isn't it? If you do it for you, then would you be happy by being selfish? If you do it for the "others" would you still be happy?

I'm playing devil's advocate, but I've never gotten the answers to either question. So whatever it is that you choose to do, I hope you'd be great at it. That's something you can control.

Good luck.

monalisa said...

welcome to my blog.. your provoking words soothed me in a time when my 'dental' life has roughened all my angles!
to answer your question;
i want the people around me to want for me what is best for me, so that even if i didn't favor their choice at least i know that they have my best interests at heart,, that idea alone comforts me..
at times -i shamefully admit- i am selfish and follow my gut inspite of everyone's dismay,, in the end i'm the one that get's the scraped knees and scratched elbows so you u see deep inside i knew they were right i just like to be rebellious at times=)

AliaMakki said...

Oh, nothing beats the speed of learning a lesson than a couple of bruises! Bruise on, chica! :D