Monday, 22 June 2009

A lawsuit against dentistry

I blame dentistry.... for my lack of sleep and zombie-like appearance,

I blame dentistry.... for turning me into a sociopath that can barely make up a conversation without bring dental topics in the picture,

I blame dentistry.... for stealing me away from my family and loved ones and keeping me hostage in the pages of symbolic textbooks,

I blame dentistry.... for my guilt whenever I go out in a weekend instead of cowering over my lectures and studying,

I blame dentistry.... for all the afternoons I eat my dinner alone after a long day while everyone else had already satisfied their hunger,

I blame dentistry.... for the loss of my sense of humor and the unwanted sarcasm that stings my remarks unintendedly,

I blame dentistry.... for so.. so much,

Maybe I was hypnotized that day I chose to enroll in dental college,
Maybe I was unconscious that cursed hour I chose to be a dentist!


Ashley and Eric said...

I think every career does this to someone at some point in their life. Surely there is something about dentistry that you still enjoy, perhaps helping people keep a pretty smile! I appreciate my dentist so much for keeping my teeth healthy and pretty (and it isn't an easy job, I go every 3 months because my teeth build tartar so fast...but no cavities yet!) hahahahaha I bet that was way more than you wanted to know about a fellow blogger...another curse of being a dentist? :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate your comment!

monalisa said...

welcome to my blog,
It's not that I don't like dentistry, quite the contrary, I love learning about teeth, orthodontics, dentures and cavities,, but that's just it I love to LEARN however taking exams is an entirly different thing I do NOT enjoy one bit!!
which is why during these hectic weeks of exams dentistry turns from friend to foe!

~wishing you all the best =)

Clueless said...

I know how you feel. For my High School years, I just enorlled my self in an Extremely hard school. So when I heard I was accepted, and on a scholarship, I jumped for joy! But seeing the kids who come out of there, and the way they go in one person, and come out another, just scares me. I dont want to lose my sense of humor, my creative touch, the special thing that makes me, ME.
My brother goes to that school too, and I always thought that it was just his personality to come home everyday, get something to eat, and use the computer the rest of the night playing MMORPG games(Massive multiplayer online role playing games.). I just hope I wont break under the stress, and I need you to keep strong for me, because if you get through it, I know I will too!

- Clueless

monalisa said...

strength comes when we least expect it -at least for me it does-
usually when i'm at my darkest moments or when tears fill my eyes and blur my vision that's when i push harder, run faster, become stronger, and when the day finishes or when the test is done i look back and marvel at myself and sometimes i actually laugh at how i was waist deep in a pool of self pity just hours ago!
~wishing you all the best dear

aroosh said...

wow !!

you truely said every thing comes on my mind !!

determination & patience sweetie :)

miss you so much here { KSU

monalisa said...

OMG!! I can't believe you stopped by at my blog.. truely I'm honored and I'm glad you liked the post it was written during exam days so I was FURIOUS at dentistry and everything related to it =)
I miss you guys soooo much and say hi to all the girls at KSU
~luv ya and take care

Brij said...

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Hanan said...

Welcome to my blog =)

Jaz said...

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