Monday, 29 June 2009

And yet satisfaction has not visited my heart

Anticipation can be disappointing ..

You wait for summer to come and as soon as it does all your excitement during exam weeks suddenly evaporates..

All your plans to enjoy the long afternoons and glamorous nights suddenly vanishes..

Maybe it was because during the finals I was silencing my urge to fool around and ignore my studies by promises that I'm now breaking..

Laziness is a deadly chronic disease that we should study rather than asthma attacks..
Energy is the "X" in my pirate map and I'm still following the clues ..


Faten said...

it's just the beginning of your summer, don't waste it..
and inshallah you did better that you expect ;)

Violet said...

seems we are living the same period of looking for energy


Miss Rough Diamond said...

true true!
though getting a job helped with the energy thing.
and coffee lots of it! oh and sugar too!
love u
p.s hope ur summer turns out gr8!

monalisa said...

welcome to my blog, I guess I'm a little restless not knowing what to do with 3 whole monthes..
but inshallah as soon as the exam results come I'll finally realize I'M FREE

monalisa said...

I'm glad you joined me in the never-ending quest for energy.. hopefully we will find our missing treasure...-inshallah- SOON!

monalisa said...

I am on a coffee-free diet ever since I finished my last exam, cuz during the last month i was practically drinking three mugs of coffee a day !!
Black coffee, Mocha, Late'.. you name it!
from now on -and until college starts again- i am strictly drinking juice and water ONLY
~luv ya