Saturday, 11 July 2009

Once upon a time..

One minute you're a princess.. the next you're not..

Imagination can take you away to so many places but there comes a time when you have to face reality...

The crown in your dream falls with a thud..
The flowing gown is torn into rags..
The glamour vanishes..

And all you're left with is a bucket, a mop and dirty kitchen floors



it you think about things, imagine things, your become part of those things, and they become part of you;so you cannot be insignificant. if you share a mother's grief for her dead child, then there are two of you weeping. may the rain always taste sweet on your lips.

monalisa said...

Hi Stephen..
Welcome to my blog =)
Your comments had me thinking if I really am a sad person.. I reviewed some of my past posts and I concluded that the main image I'm sending is truly those of a grieved individual.. I am not, .. I can be both happy and unhappy in the same day.. but it's usually in my blue moments when I write my blog posts because they help lift my spirit and lighten my soul..
So please keep in mind that the person behind the words has a brighter side and thank you for your comments that will be reminders for any future- hopefully not lament!- posts
~wishing you all the best

plukz said...

Dreaming is not a crime.
Sometimes it is hard for me to even imagine that things will get better when it is only the dirty mop in dusty city left for me to life, but dream like that you write keep me alive. Dream of the glamorous living for a boy of course, nothing like Cinderella. :D

* sorry for my messy English, it's not my first language

monalisa said...


welcome to my blog =)

i agree with you for it is dreams that keep us alive

~wishing you all the best

Dr.Human said...

Hi monalisa
Thanks for your comment in my blog .
I like your blog (specially _ left handed dentist_)
I like dreaming also , But most of the time when I am dreaming , a sound of bomb cut of my dreams !!
every things is different here in Iraq ..

thanks again

monalisa said...

welcome.. I'm glad you enjoyed my blog =)

may Allah help all Iraqi's and muslims everywhere.. i always remember you in my prayers