Monday, 6 July 2009

Small and insignificant

It was a full moon night….
I was staring out my window and the soft winds tickled playfully at my earring hoops..
It dawned on me how many people around the world were also staring at this same moon..
Anybody.. anywhere.. at this same moment just like me…
A waitress in Colorado or a policeman in London..
A salesman in Tokyo or a florist in Paris..
A maid in Kuwait or a guitarist in Toronto..

And all of a sudden I felt very small and insignificant…
Compared to the 6.7692 billion people in the world; I was only 1…
And who cared what a 20 year old Muslim girl felt..
Who knew what this girl's dreams were other than aspiring to be a dentist..
I realized how trivial my existence was to many others… and that the world was larger than my own tiny circle of friends and family… the world was much bigger than my misfortunes or unlucky events...

At this moment as I am typing my post God only knows what is happening all over the world..
A mother could be mourning the loss of her child in Iraq..
A student could be jumping from joy with his acceptance letter to John Hopkin's University..
A teen age girl could be singing S.O.S. with the Jonas Brothers at their concert in Utah…

And yet I still stubbornly hold on to my dreams with all my strength.. and refuse to think of any alternatives if the first doesn't work out.. I still believe the world will end if I get a bad grade or if I don't buy that Fendi watch I've been wanting for so long..
Life goes on whether we like it or not..
The sun will still rise everyday.. and there are some who dread it and some who yearn for its arrival…

So… I have made a promise to myself; NOT to break down any more; because life is larger than me or my silly hardships.. I will remember all those who suffer .. I will put in mind that there are 6.7692 billion people in the world besides me some of which have much worse conditions than I.


Faten said...

"I have made a promise to myself; NOT to break down any more; because life is larger than me or my silly hardships"

I made a similar decision earlier this year. I promised myself to accept everything and not get sad easily. life is not worth it at all. plus, there are millions of people that would trade spots with me. we're just blessed!
o there's a quote "whenever i get sad, i get awesome instead" ;p

monalisa said...

Hi Faten..
I loved the quote.. I hope you don't mind if I steal it as my motto in any upcoming "blue" days
~ wishing you all the best

Girl From the cubicle said...

Even though we are people from different part of the world with different thinking, different skin color, different religion and so on, I suddenly felt that there is no difference between us when I read your article. We are indeed the same, small and insignificant. We are all blessed and should be thankful for that.:)

girl from that isolated cubicle

Clueless said...
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Clueless said...

You do not know how many times Ive stared at the moon and thought the exact same thing! Its just amazing how you put it together in words to make this beautiful poem! I think everyone has the same revelation at least once in their life, and use it to get through hard times. Its like the juice in an orange. Without it it would be nothing. Absolutely Amazing!

monalisa said...

Girl from cubicle..
Welcome to my blog =)
Isn't it weird how we're all different yet the same..
we all cry.. love.. hate..
yet some of us are tall others are short..
some have jet black hair others are blonde
some are born with a loving family.. others are born as orphans

monalisa said...

welcome to my blog..

and seriously what is an orange with no juice.. but a wrinkled old lady to sour to be a grandma =P

Miss Rough Diamond said...


monalisa said...

Lugi.. missing you girl =P
where are you????