Thursday, 10 September 2009

My Path of Tears

It amuses me how when mother nature cries her tears leave a path of flowers behind them..
yet my tears leave nothing but parched, scorched, dried up valleys!


Dr.Human said...

Hi monalisa .
How are you dear ?
we miss you , tell us , what is going on with you dear ?

Dr.Violet said...

Please dear don't cry !
mama loves you ...
I can bear every thing but mama tears

Stay safe dear far away from your home city

Lots of Love :)

monalisa said...

Dear violet..
thank you dear.. sometimes it's not the big things that cause my tears.. but the small unimportant things that crowd my brain till I can't take it anymore and tears are my only solac..
~wishing you the best

monalisa said...

Alhamdulilah I'm as well as can be expected.. I guess it's just a mixture of many predicaments that stir in my soul and tears help lighten the burden