Thursday, 17 September 2009

A sight to behold

Praying at the Holy Mosque in Madinah

The multicultural people.. the colorful scarves.. the unity of the Muslims was breathtaking..

As I was praying..
A Syrian mother on my left with her two year old boy hugging her legs.. I marveled at her patience..
A Somali grandmother on my right praying with such dedication in her wheelchair.. her devotion brought tears to my eyes..

When I rose from prostration the harmony of my Muslim sisters was the most beautiful sight I had ever witnessed..
It's so amazing that Islam can bring all these people from their countries during this blessed month to pray in the Haram ..
Who knows what they had to sacrifice to make their journey possible..
I pray that they all fulfilled what they were coming for and that they all obtained their heart's desires


Dr.Violet said...

oh, sweet Monalisa!
Just thinking of that made me cry!:)

I wish i could be with you at that blessed place maybe infront or behind you ;)

Layalt Qadar Mubaraka and Happy Eid :)

monalisa said...

Inshallah when you come to Saudi Arabia I'll be there at the airport waiting and I'll take you to the holy mosque myself =)
~Eid Mubarak sister

Faten said...

Beautiful <3

monalisa said...

thanx =)

washi said...

Aww, I want to visit Madinah again!!! It was in the haramein that I truly experienced unity too..

nor said...

tis is the sweetest entry.

Eid Mubarrak, sis.

monalisa said...

thanx for stopping by at my blog
inshallah u'll be able to visit the haram soon
~wishing you all the best =)

monalisa said...

thank you so much =)
~Eid Mubarak

Khalid from said...

Dear Mona,

Happy Eid and may ALLLAH reward you for all your honest efforts.


monalisa said...

Khalid, thanks for passing by and Eid Mubarak to you and all the people of Iraq =)

Faith said...

have fun in 3EEED

this is my first time here :p

monalisa said...

thanx for stopping by i'm glad you enjoyed my blog,
Happy Eid to you too =)