Friday, 28 May 2010

What could've happened?

I'm always prevented from flying by fear that gravity will bring me down..

Have you ever thought of all the possible "What if's" in your life?
I have.. alot..

What if I had said what was on my mind instead of holding my temper.. and replacing my snarl with a frosty smile?
Perhaps lost a friend..

What if I had pressed "post" on that harsh comment in my facebook status.. instead of pressing delete?
Most likely gained an enemy..

What if didn't "edit" that email and substitute my unsympathetic words with politer synonyms?

What if I spoke up when I had the chance?

What if I ignored my common sense and followed my heart?

What if I had said "Yes"?


Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

What if I say that gravitational pull is not responsible for those who fall in love.

Interesting posts anyway.

Shukran for your sweet feed on my blog.

Hanan said...

Thanks for passing by..
Glad you liked my posts =)

washi said...

Yeah I often wonder about those "what-ifs" myself...luckily we have evolved :)

waffleshop said...

I read your post and I just HAD to comment=)

Sometimes ignoring your heat is for the greater good...

-your little sis<3

Hanan said...

ignoring my heart is a MUST.. otherwise I would be a very difficult person.. as you know too well =)