Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tis a pity.. tis true..

So many wars with unknown heroes...
So many sacrifices forgotten...

A dozen researchers make a revolutionary discovery yet are hidden in the phrase "et. al"

Months of work done behind the curtains... yet only the actors get the applaud..

A 5- hour surgery ends with success yet only the chief doctor is thanked.. forgetting the crew of nurses in the same OR...

Recognition can make a WORLD of a difference!


Wejdan Asiri said...

so true

أحلى شي إنش دايمن تعبرين عما في داخلي

بس انتي اعملي حسابش.. أي نعم مو الكل get rewarded now
بس اللي ما ياخد دحين ياخدها عند ربي و وقتها يكون محتاجها أكثر
واللي أخدها دحين حيقول/ يا ريتني أجلتها

<< مو شي ما بسوي فلسفة..
but there're so many doors to look at the same thing... you should search for the door that gives you peace.. especially when it wouldn't really matter in the end..

Anonymous said...

WOW ! truely amazing !

aroosh, KSU ;)

Hanan said...

Wejdan.. <3
thank you for your sweet comment..
sometimes it hurts knowing that your being put in the margins when your place in the middle of the text..
but like you said our reward is in the hereafter inshallah

Hanan said...

Arwa <3 <3
Miss you dear..
thanks for passing by =)