Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Perfect..yeah right.

You know that age when you're 12 and you look at college girls and think
"Wow, they know everything"
"They can do everything perfectly"
"Nobody tells them to "Grow up and stop acting like a baby"

Well guess what?

We don't know that much..
And doing something flawlessly is only if it involves a box of ready-made Betty Crocker Brownies..

I gaze at my 12 year old cousin and think
"She can do all the mistakes she wants"
"Nobody tells her that "You should know better, you're a grown-up"


Violet's Pure Heart said...

Those children can do the mistake they want any time they want to :(
i envey them for that :D

Very glad to see you again dearie ^_^

Dentographer said...

oh wow,u left me speechless!!

Hanan said...

Aren't kids just so lucky =P

~missed you too sweetie <3

Hanan said...

welcome to my blog =)

Ines Hunt said...

I've been feeling exactly this for the last four years.

(i love your profile picture!)
I've been going through all of your posts (i'm not a stalker i promise!) and theres something you said i think about every day: patients under the hands of dental students are martys. they really are! i remember it took me 2 hours to do my first tooth extraction!

Hanan said...

Thank you so much for commenting, it means so much to me that you think about what I wrote on a daily basis..AND you read ALL my posts!!

~Have a nice summer =)

CATGIRL said...

Hey dear! I am a female MBA from Karachi, Pakistan. Honestly just browsing through good blogs and finding literate & intelligent writers like you to talk to me on various issues. Love ur blog outlook and ur awesome thoughts. I write on issues related to society, religion as well as some funny stuff. Best of Luck for ur blogging. I hope u can be a follower- if u like my blog? And don’t forget to comment please !!

Hope said...

Oh Gosh that's sooo true
when u grow up u just wiSh u could go back 2 the time u were a kid, when doing mistakes was o.k
I myself wanna B a kid again ;Pp

Hanan said...

hi dear =)
isn't weird how once we start to become mature we instantly yearn for childhood..
I guess secretly everyone wants to live in neverland =D

btw I'm frequent "stumbler" on your blog and it's wierd but I'm usually in the same "phase" of emotions as you are whenever you write your blog posts!
~take care

Hanan said...

1st of all: interesting name =)
2nd: thank you for your sweet compliments and I promise to check out your blog as you have kindly visited mine

Athoug said...

Great post!
And it's exactly that! No one is satisfied :\

Hanan said...

Satisfaction is weird like that..
Thanks for visiting my blog, I just checked out yours and totally loved it =)

Wejdan Asiri said...

محد راضي.. الصغير يبى يكبر و الكبير يبى يرجع صغير

ولسا انتي ما سرتي 50... رح أشوف يوم عيد ميلادش ال50 ايش رح تكتبين هنا :P

Hanan said...

on my 50th birthday I'll write a blog post and ya wailik if you aren't the first person to comment