Monday, 29 June 2009

And yet satisfaction has not visited my heart

Anticipation can be disappointing ..

You wait for summer to come and as soon as it does all your excitement during exam weeks suddenly evaporates..

All your plans to enjoy the long afternoons and glamorous nights suddenly vanishes..

Maybe it was because during the finals I was silencing my urge to fool around and ignore my studies by promises that I'm now breaking..

Laziness is a deadly chronic disease that we should study rather than asthma attacks..
Energy is the "X" in my pirate map and I'm still following the clues ..

Monday, 22 June 2009

A lawsuit against dentistry

I blame dentistry.... for my lack of sleep and zombie-like appearance,

I blame dentistry.... for turning me into a sociopath that can barely make up a conversation without bring dental topics in the picture,

I blame dentistry.... for stealing me away from my family and loved ones and keeping me hostage in the pages of symbolic textbooks,

I blame dentistry.... for my guilt whenever I go out in a weekend instead of cowering over my lectures and studying,

I blame dentistry.... for all the afternoons I eat my dinner alone after a long day while everyone else had already satisfied their hunger,

I blame dentistry.... for the loss of my sense of humor and the unwanted sarcasm that stings my remarks unintendedly,

I blame dentistry.... for so.. so much,

Maybe I was hypnotized that day I chose to enroll in dental college,
Maybe I was unconscious that cursed hour I chose to be a dentist!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

A cup of coffee

just dropping whatever's in your hand..
whether pharmacology or microbiology..
and taking a break to breathe in the coffee..
,, admire a houseplant..
..or recall a cherished memory..
makes the journey on this hectic dentistry road...

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Not in the mood for Oral pathology

I feel guilty for not reading since exams started..
By reading I mean my novels of course..
I can feel the heat of their glares whenever I pass my bookshelf ...

I am sick of every "-ology" there ever was...
Oral Histology can die for all I care...
Oral pathology can burn into ashes...
Oral Radiology can disappear into thin air...