Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Perfect..yeah right.

You know that age when you're 12 and you look at college girls and think
"Wow, they know everything"
"They can do everything perfectly"
"Nobody tells them to "Grow up and stop acting like a baby"

Well guess what?

We don't know that much..
And doing something flawlessly is only if it involves a box of ready-made Betty Crocker Brownies..

I gaze at my 12 year old cousin and think
"She can do all the mistakes she wants"
"Nobody tells her that "You should know better, you're a grown-up"

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tis a pity.. tis true..

So many wars with unknown heroes...
So many sacrifices forgotten...

A dozen researchers make a revolutionary discovery yet are hidden in the phrase "et. al"

Months of work done behind the curtains... yet only the actors get the applaud..

A 5- hour surgery ends with success yet only the chief doctor is thanked.. forgetting the crew of nurses in the same OR...

Recognition can make a WORLD of a difference!